Alpha Infinite Wave AHC720C



Number of temperature settings:


Max temperature:

200˚C (+/- 15%)

Heater type:

PTC heat element

Number of temperature settings1     
Max temperature200˚C (+/- 15%)
Heater typePTC heating element
Heating surface typeCeramic and keratin coating
Heating time60 seconds to operating temperature of 80˚C
Number of temperature settings1     
Max temperature200˚C (+/- 15%)
Heater typePTC heating element
Heating surface typeCeramic and keratin coating
Heating time60 seconds to operating temperature of 80˚C


Alpha Infinite Wave -
Locks you’ve always wanted,
even on extra long hair

Long hair has been the symbol of womanhood for centuries, but its maintenance is not an easy job, especially if you want a nice hairstyle every single time without going to the hair salon twice a week. Luckily for women all over the world, hair appliances technology is constantly improving so popular curling irons are for quite some time available for use at home, and have become only better and better. Now, curling irons are extremely adaptable: easy to use and affordable. With the right curling iron, you can make all your hair ideas come to life, even if you have extra long hair.

Get to know Alpha Infinite Wave curling iron perfect for every woman who likes to change up her hair routine from time to time and wants to have a single appliance for many hairstyles.

Professionals’ choice of a heating tube diameter

It is certain that the choice of a curling iron depends on your hair type and hairstyle preference. With Alpha Infinite Wave you don’t have to consider buying any other curling iron.

Professionals at hair styling recommend a diameter of 2.5cm for heating tube as universal for different hair types and styler. When you think about it, who would know better than them what is appropriate for both thin and thick hair? This diameter is efficient for bigger loose locks as well as curling more defined smaller strands.

If you seek just mildly curled hair that looks natural, use larger strands for curling; if you wish curls with firmer definition this curling iron follows: use smaller strands to achieve the wanted look and big hair volume. One solution for each style and hair type!

Maximum technology for maximum results

Keratin coating on the heating tube contributes to hairstyling results. This type of coating protects the hair from the high heat and makes sure that after styling your hair remains silky and healthy-looking. If you follow the instruction manual for proper use, Alpha Infinite Wave will give you not only a great hairstyle every time but also hair that is not dried out and damaged by the heat.

An additional advantage of this hair styler is the PTC heating element which is a safe choice for any appliance required to be used manually. This heating element provides effective heat transmission, maintaining constant temperature, and quick heating.

The swiftest curling ever with ultra-fast heating technology

Besides a variety of hairstyles and use on the different hair types, appliance made to meet your needs means that there is no unnecessary waiting. Alpha Infinite Wave heats really quickly and reaches the temperature of 200˚C (+/- 15%) which will bring even curling of every strand after only several seconds.

This saves up your time for more important tasks but also makes sure your hair doesn’t get overheated and damaged.

Safety pinch for outstanding curls

The practicality of a pinch is pretty obvious: after winding the strand around the tube, just let the pinch hold it in place, so it ensures maximum efficiency of curling ad so you won’t have to hold the strand while curling. Exercise those arm muscles in some other way!

With a smooth heating surface, this curling iron will make sure your hair during winding adheres to the tube perfectly and remains glossy after curling.

How to use a curling iron properly?

Detangle, comb, and divide into strands completely dry hair. Upperparts of the hairpin to the top of the head and start curling from the bottom up.

Take one strand, tighten it up and place the tube of iron close to the root of the hair (for whole-length curls) or at the middle of the strand (for curling just the bottom ends of the hair). Wind strand around the tube going from wider to the thinner side of the tube. Do not do the opposite: spinning the tube around the hair will give you an uneven result. Curls end up looking more natural if you wind the hair in the opposite direction of the face.

Make sure you don’t accidentally touch the skin of the head with a hot tube. Depending on the size of the strand and your type of hair, several seconds is enough for curling each strand. While the strand is winded around the tube, hold the end of the strand with your finger on the non-heated tip of the tube. After curling a strand, just let it slide off the tube.

Let your hair cool completely before applying firming products or combing the hair and curls will hold to its shape longer.