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Beauty salon in your home with Alpha appliances:
hairdryers, trimmers, curling irons and hair straighteners

Modern lifestyle requires everyday planning and balancing between professional and private life, and it spawned the concept of self-care. It became a necessity to find time for ourselves despite of constant busyness, and to make beneficial effect on our well being.

Time management and daily duties organizing get a whole another tone when you can completely exclude going to a hair salon from your schedule. With Alpha appliances, women can easily style their hair at home on their own, and men can be hairdressers and barbers for themselves. We present you care and beauty appliances that allow you easy use, high efficiency and professional results, thanks to ergonomic design and advanced functions based on applying the newest technology.

Alpha electronics hair stylers

Alpha AHC720A

Alpha AHC720C

AHC720C-lifestyle (1)

Loose hair waves or firm curls – the choice is up to you because Alpha curling irons simply unite different options for practical use, as well as innovative technology. That’s why these curling irons are an infallible beauty accessory for every woman who likes to be her own hairstylist. Easy to use and safe for your hair, Alpha curling irons are the perfect path to a quick and desirable hairstyle without the visit to the hair salon.

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