My own stylist with Alpha care and beauty appliances

Beauty salon in your home with Alpha appliances:
hairdryers, trimmers, curling irons and hair straighteners

Modern lifestyle requires everyday planning and balancing between professional and private life, and it spawned the concept of self-care. It became a necessity to find time for ourselves despite of constant busyness, and to make beneficial effect on our well being.

Time management and daily duties organizing get a whole another tone when you can completely exclude going to a hair salon from your schedule. With Alpha appliances, women can easily style their hair at home on their own, and men can be hairdressers and barbers for themselves. We present you care and beauty appliances that allow you easy use, high efficiency and professional results, thanks to ergonomic design and advanced functions based on applying the newest technology.

Alpha hair, beard and body trimmers

Alpha ANT74

Alpha AMG920

Alpha AHT87

Alpha AHT167

Alpha AMG687

Alpha ANS78

Beard styling trend developed a need for more frequent visits to hairdressers and barbers for the men. Following the market and consumer needs and demands, in wide appliance offer Alpha trimmers gather all hair, beard and body hair styling options, including sensitive parts of the face such as nose and ears.

Economic and safe use of Alpha trimmers allows you to successfully maintain your hair and beard neat, as well as to control unwanted hair. You can choose between all-in-one trimmers that convene all needed options and smaller and more practical single-use trimmers.  
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