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Meet the Alpha TVs
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Dedication to innovation and customers’ satisfaction

Roaming Electronics is a company founded in 2004 and today prevails as the largest importer and distributor of consumer electronics and mobile appliances in Serbia, as well as the largest supplier for retail, B2B business model, and operators in Southeast Europe.

From the very beginning, the company acts towards the increase of customers’ satisfaction and enhancement of life quality, using efforts to make the latest technology achievements available and affordable.

That is why Roaming Electronics presented its own brand to the Serbian market in 2015. Alpha brand consists of constantly growing consumer electronics selection – television, white goods, air conditioners, air purifiers, and care and beauty appliances.
Alpha’s brand mission is to provide the ultimate quality, innovative design, great service, and support to the consumers, accompanied by a very affordable prices at any moment.

Alpha television

Alpha television transforms the viewing experience

Alpha television sets are inspired by real life and everything surrounding us. Minimalistic and modern design, contemporary functions, and premium panel quality (A+ class) make these TVs comparable with premium standards of the TV/AV category.

A wide selection of Alpha television sets cover different diagonals and screen resolutions ensures their adaptability to users of all generations, every room in personal or business space. Alpha television sets have all required functions for all-around enjoyment in every content: variable digital tuners allow connecting TV with the digital signal with no need for additional digitalization devices.

At an affordable price with an unconditional four-year warranty, Alpha television always provides more.

Alpha air conditioners

Alpha air conditioners provide
ideal room temperature

Air conditioners are irreplaceable for efficient cooling for many years now because they offer stable and precisely adjusted temperatures. Modern technology implementation brings additional appliance functions. That is why the heating with air conditioner is becoming more popular for a good reason – energy efficiency is reason number one, comparing to other electric devices.

Alpha air conditioners selection consists of the most popular AC type – split system and covers different capacity appliances, which ensures a wide choice for homes and business premises of various sizes. With numerous protection features and a wide range of working temperatures, you can find an air conditioner perfectly adapted to your space and specific needs.

Alpha air purifiers

To healthier living conditions with Alpha air purifiers

The most common air pollutants are not just present in external environment, but also indoor, where we spend most of our time – at workplace and in our home. As pollution particles are small in weight they tend to linger in the air and can cause series of health issues or trigger worsening of existing chronic conditions.

That is why Alpha air purifiers present a quick and efficient way of controlling and enhancing air quality, eliminating even the most delicate particles of pollution, and allergens such as mites, bacteria, and viruses. Supreme technology allows you to make the air in your living and workspace healthy because these purifiers filtrate physical, chemical, and biological pollutants.
With the simultaneous impact of several different filters including HEPA filter, Alpha air purifiers eliminate different pollutants from the air, sterilizing it at several levels.

Alpha care and beauty appliances

My own stylist with Alpha care and beauty appliances

What is hair styling for women long ago became beard styling and hair trimming for men. Alpha is a brand that always provides maximum user comfort in personal space and that is why the brand created wide selection of care and beauty appliances – hairdryers, hair straighteners and curlers, as well as trimmers.
Alpha care and beauty appliances are made for every man and woman who wants to be their own stylists at a professional level. Product selection consists of wide range of appliances that meet the needs of the most demanding and specific user requests – from professional hairdryers, hair straighteners and curlers to full body, hair and beard trimmers.

Roaming Electronics
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