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For optimal temperature at living space and workspace

For a long time now, air conditioners are not luxurious items, but a necessity, given the frequency of heat waves in summer and extremely low temperatures in winter. Thanks to Alpha air conditioners pleasant temperature is easily achievable throughout the whole year. Maintaining the optimal room temperature is especially important to people with health conditions.

Our air conditioning selection consists of wall mounted split systems which are still the most popular with proven efficiency and in compliance to climate zone. Our offer covers five models of different types and capacities, so there is perfect Alpha air conditioner for each area size and purpose.

How the wall mounted split system works?

Split system implies physical separation of indoor and outdoor air conditioning unit. That means that every Alpha model has those units and remote controller. The units are connected and they make a system which in a base has a heat pump moving the heat from one place to another.

In cooling mode, air conditioner takes the warm air from the room (using freon gas to absorb the heat) and releases it outside. In heating mode, the process is reversed. In both cases, what circulates is the indoor air and heat is subtracted or added.

Wall mounting is a process which implies installation of indoor and outdoor unit on proper spot on the wall. The exact spot for air conditioner depends on apartment orientation, but general advice is to place air conditioner on the north side because it is more often in shadow and that enhances the appliance work.

On/Off and inverter Alpha air conditioners

On/Off air conditioners are standard cooling/heating systems and their functionality is based on continuous and even compressor work speed. In both cooling and heating mode, compressor is working with the same speed untill it reaches set temperature and after that it turns off. Compressor will be on again when room temperature recedes from the set temperature.

On the other hand, inverter technology is innovative response to standard air conditiners’ deficiencies and the biggest difference is the compressor speed. With inverter air conditioners, compressor speed is electronically adjusted to the set temperature and conditions: with approaching the set temperature in both cooling and heating mode, the RPM of the compressor is lower, which delivers more stable room temperature comparing to On/Off air conditioners.

That is why On/Off air conditioners are good option for cooling during the high outdoor temperature and for additional heating during the winter, while inverter air conditioners are excellent choice for constant use as primary cooling and heating appliance.

Also, given the described working process, inverter air conditioner can be 30% more economical and electric installation load is significantly less comparing to On/Off air conditioners, which imply constant compressor swiching on and off. So beside energy saving, inverter air conditioners have wider working range regarding the outdoor temperature – they are efficient in heating mode at lower outdoor temperature than On/Off air conditioners.

How to choose air conditioner of proper capacity for your space?

The efficiency of air conditioner in cooling or heating depends on appliance capacity and cooling/heating area. In our offer you can find models of different capacities – 9.000 BTU, 12.000 BTU and 18.000 BTU. BTU (British Thermal Unit) is standard air conditioner capacity marking, and the more BTUs, the more capacity the appliance has to cool or heat up the room. That is why air conditioners are often chosen by sqaure footage of the premises.

In the chart bellow Alpha air conditioners capacities are listed with recommended surface of the premises.
Air conditioner model
Air conditioner type
Maximum surface area*

*Efficiency of air conditiner can be affected by other factors beside surface area, such as sun exposure, windows size, and presense of other heat emitting devices.

Primary modes of Alpha air conditioners

Among five available Alpha air conditioner models are models with cooling only available and models with both cooling and heating mode.

  • COOL 
  • HEAT
  • AUTO (automatic adjustment of the temperature depending on room heat)
  • DRY

Additional modes of Alpha air conditioners

Depending on selected model, additional functionalities imply more precise appliance adjustments and numerous possibilities

Precise appliance adjustments
Adjustment option
Setting the appliance in quet mode
Night mode activating
Very fast cooling/heating activation
Fan speed settings (auto, very high speed, medium speed and low speed)
Changing the air flow direction (horizontal and vertical)
Setting the timer for the automatic swich off
Additional appliance possibilities
Adjustment option
Self-cleaning option activating
Activating disinfection option

Operating temperature of Alpha air conditioners

Alpha air conditioners operating conditions require a certain outdoor temperature range, and within that range the appliance is operable. Depending on model and its options operating temperatures differ.

Operating temperature for On/Off models is from -5 to 43˚C, and for inverter models from -15 to 48˚C, which in both cases ensures operating efficiently even in variable outdoor conditions.

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