Alpha AHS615



Plate type:

Floating, ceramic and kerating coating

Number of temperature settings:


Number of temperature settings9
Plate typeFloating, ceramic and keratin coating
Heating time30 seconds to working temperature of 80˚C
Hair curling optionYes
Usage on damp hairNo
Number of temperature settings9
Plate typeFloating, ceramic and keratin coating
Heating time30 seconds to working temperature of 80˚C
Hair curling optionYes
Usage on damp hairNo


Alpha Supreme Shine - Dreamfully shiny and smooth hair

Meet the latest technology in the service of beauty and care of your hair. Technology that understands your needs and allows you to fully customize it. Alpha Keratin Shine is a hair straightener suited for everyone: it combines state-of-the-art technology and an unrivaled user experience for effortless professional results.

This appliance will make straightening and curling hair incredibly easy by implementing advanced materials, maximum plate functionality, precise adjustments, and innovative safety options.

Ceramics and Keratin – winning combination for straightening and shininess of your hair

Ceramics surface with keratin coating is one of the most reliable technological achievements among hair care devices. With ceramics ability of uniform heating, you will always get even results without fear of overheating hair. An easy-glide ceramic surface with keratin coating will make your hair glide through this iron. It will be so easy, as keratin coating protects the hair from the heat and gives you a style without unwanted curls, so your hair will look silky, healthy and shiny like you just walked from a hair salon.


State of the art technology - floating plate

The floating plate has already made a spectacular appearance on the world market. Everyone who has tried this invention has never returned to a standard hair straightener. This floating plate is designed so the entire surface touches your hair.

Floating plate evens pressure while straightening up your hair by eliminating gaps. This speeds up the process of straightening your hair and prevents hair breakage. To run a single strand of hair multiple times is no longer needed.

Plate width is ideal because it ensures unobstructed access to the hair root when straightening, also for making curls and waves. With an extra-long bottom plate you will have maximum efficiency in straightening up every strand of your hair.

Instant heat technology – instant results

With the Alpha Keratin Shine hair straightener, you get technology that not only takes care of your hair and allows you to personalize the device, but also technology that saves you time. Instant heat technology will achieve maximum results with a minimum of waiting for the device to reach operating temperature. Alpha Keratin Shine straightener will heat up in 30 seconds and it’s ready to use, so you don’t have to wait and use the appliance on maximum temperature. Use your time for more important things.


Nine levels of precision for perfect heat

With Instant heat, technology comes nine levels of temperature adjustments. This adjustment will give you fully customizable options for every type of hair.

Low temperatures are ideal for thin hair, while high temperatures are for thick, wavy, or curly hair.

LED temperature control
Hair type
Low (110-130˚C)
Sensitive, easy to style thin hair
Medium (150-170˚C)
Medium thick or treated hair
Medium High (190-200˚C)
Thick or wavy hair
High (210-220˚C)
Hard to style hair
Ultra High – max (230˚C)
Difficult to style sharp hair

Did I turn my iron off?

The off button is there for a reason, right? Still, after leaving home, we often panic and wonder if everything is turned off or if we will have an unpleasant surprise when we return. While it is not recommended to leave turned on devices unattended, Alpha Keratin Shine will reduce your stress – it has a built on automatic off function after one hour.

Still, don’t leave your hair straightener unattended because it can damage your household.

A hair straightener that is much more than its purpose


How to properly straighten your hair?

Before straightening detangle and comb your hair, making smaller strands to shorten the whole process. Pin the upper hair strands to the top of the head and start straightening from the bottom strands.

Take one hair strand, tighten it up and place it in iron close to the root of the hair and press the iron, so the strand is firmly pressed inside. Start pulling your straightener lengthwise towards the ends of hair in one move. It’s not recommendable to hold a straightener on one part of the strand for a long time.

Do the same with the rest of the hair. The rotating cable will provide easy movement of the straightener without tangling the cable. After straightening your hair wait for it to cool completely before you tie it to a pony tail or pin it so your hairstyle would stay in place.